The Dev Test Ops Manifesto


DevOps evolved from agile development’s whole team approach to building quality in. Testers and QA professionals are part of cross-functional software delivery teams that practice DevOps. Every conversation -- from building shared understanding as new features are planned, to managing the delivery pipeline, to monitoring and observing production usage, to shortening the mean time to recover from production issues -- includes discussions about testing. The goal of DevTestOps is not to silo "Test" from Dev and Ops, but simply to raise the visibility of testers and testing as integral parts of the DevOps quality culture.

Paying homage to the Agile manifesto, we’ve developed a set of guiding principles for testing software comprehensively, and at scale. We call these principles the DevTestOps Manifesto.  

Continuous testing over testing at the end

Embracing all testing activities over automating everything

Testing what gives value, based on customer usage, over testing everything

A whole team approach to testing over testing in siloed testing departments

Product coverage over code coverage

Bringing Testing Back to the Fore

The term DevTestOps is intended to better reflect the central role that testing plays in the modern software development lifecycle. 

Teams that support DevTestOps understand that testing is intrinsic and essential to all aspects of the DevOps culture. DevTestOps holds the promise of making testing a continuous activity, performed by all throughout the software development process, and of fostering the unity that teams need in order to make software that matters.